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Addiction Treatments

Before recovery can begin properly, the addict has to admit that they need help. A family intervention can be an effective way to help the individual to realise that their life needs to change. Visit our interventions page for more information.

Drug rehabilitation is not a single method of treatment for addiction, but a combination of methods that are combined in a safe and effective programme to maximise the chances of success. Whilst rehab is the most effective way of treating drug and alcohol addiction, it may not be for everyone and you may decide that alternative treatment is preferable. Detox from drugs and alcohol can be dangerous and it is vital that you should consult your doctor before proceeding with any programme. Remember, there is no magic formula to get clean, rehabilitation is a long and difficult process. Let's explore some of the options that are available for those who are suffering from addiction.

Therapy and Counselling

Therapy is used to get the patient to think about ways to change their lives and how to deal with obstacles that can help prevent recovery. These can be one to one or group sessions with other addicts or family members. Not only can this get the root of the issues that lead to addiction, but it is also a fantastic way to get advice on avoiding relapse and being able to cope with life beyond addiction.

Support Meetings

Support meetings, such as alcoholics anonymous, are a great way to help prevent relapse after you are clean of substances. These allow you to share your experiences and hear from those who have been through similar problems. Support meetings can really boost your motivation and well as being a great source of useful information and education materials.

For more information, visit our support meetings page.

Support from friends and family

Addiction recovery is not an easy process and more support you get from loved ones, the higher the chances of success. If someone close to you needs help with addiction, your support can be the first step towards recovery via an intervention. Family support throughout the rehabilitation process can help boost the chances of success by offering positive and constructive advice.


Medications can be used to help with different aspects of recovery, including detox and preventing relapse. Detox medications are used to help to overcome the withdrawal symptoms that occur when removing the substances from the body. This step is only the beginning of recovery and detox should not be seen as the only part of recovering from addiction. Other medications help to reestablish normal brain functions and prevent relapse. A well-known example is methadone, which helps heroin addicts to wean themselves off opioids.

Home based recovery programmes

Not all drug rehabilitation programmes are based in a residential clinic. Some organisations offer out patient treatment services, which allow recovery to begin in the comfort of your own home. The idea of visiting a residential clinic can be a daunting prospect and home based treatment can provide a less restrictive and more normal environment. However. this treatment requires a level of willpower is important as the level of supervision is low, which can affect the chances of success.


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