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There are a variety of reasons why someone may become addicted to drugs or alcohol and there are a variety of treatment options available. We are very proud of our rehabilitation programme, which combines some of the best methods of recovery from addiction in a sensitive and relaxed environment. However, there are other treatment options available, depending on the severity of the condition and you should always consult your doctor before proceeding with detox.

Have a look at what options are available to you here.

If you decide that rehab is not the option for you, ensure that you do not suffer alone. Your chances of success are much greater if you receive support from others. There are many support groups available to help you with your addiction recovery. Not only will these give you the opportunity to share your experiences, but also listen to those who have been through similar experiences and receive support.

View our list of support groups for information on support that is available near you.

Peer pressure is very common and can put many people in a position that they are not comfortable with. Not only can peer pressure lead to relapse, but it can introduce people to drugs or alcohol who would not otherwise consider it. Knowing how to deal with peer pressure can be an essential part of living a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. Read our guide on how to deal with peer pressure.

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