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Rapid Opiate Detox

Our rapid opiate detox programme is ideal for those suffering from opioid addiction. This includes addiction to heroin, methadone and certain painkillers such as OxyContin. Opiate addict causes users to experience painful symptoms during withdrawal. Many recovery hopefuls give up on their rehabilitation efforts due to these symptoms. A proven way to almost by-pass unbearable withdrawal symptoms is offered through a ‘rapid detox programme’.

Our rapid opioid detox programme

Rapid detox programmes allow thousands of opioid addicts to regain control over their lives. Our programme runs for 28 days since a significant amount of time is spent treating the psychological aspects of addiction during therapy and counselling sessions. The detox itself requires around nine days. During this period patients are prescribed with a course of ‘opiate receptor antagonists’, mainly Naltrexone. This drug is consumed orally. Patients are put under with anaesthesia. Once asleep Naltrexone blocks opiates from affecting the patient’s brain. Opioid cravings are entirely nulled. After a period of time patients are awoken completely detoxed. Withdrawal symptoms will have completely passed unnoticed due to the patient being in a state of anaesthesia.

What happens when I wake?

However, once patients are awake a number of symptoms arise by virtue of undergoing such an invasive procedure. Symptoms include muscle pain, lethargy and sleep pattern disturbance. Since the procedure takes place in residential settings, these symptoms are carefully monitored by our medical team throughout. When symptoms decrease patients rehabilitation programme progresses onto therapy and counselling sessions. Now the attention turns to treating the psychological aspect of opioid addiction.

Post rehab support

Once residential rehabilitation draws to a conclusion a substantive relapse prevention and aftercare plan is put in place. Our patients receive 12 months of aftercare at our London centre for free. We encourage our patients to attend Narcotics Anonymous groups in their local area following discharge from our centre.

About us

Cassiobury Court is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre located in London. Call today on 01923 804 139 or complete the enquiry form. If a loved one is addicted to opiates why not consider our intervention service.

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