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Cassiobury Court for Eating Disorder Treatment

February 10, 2014
We are delighted to announce that Cassiobury Court now offers treatment for those who suffer from eating disorders. Our specialist consultants provide treatments for all kinds of eating disorders and we understand how it can affect your life. We know that seeking treatment can be a daunting prospect and we aim to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for all of our clients.

Mother dies from cannabis poisoning

February 6, 2014
For many, cannabis is seen as a safe drug, especially because it is grown from a plant. However, recently the drug tragically claimed the life of Gemma Moss, a mother of 3 from Bournemouth. A most-mortem investigation found that she had moderate to high levels of the drug in her system, which triggered a cardiac arrest. The investigation found nothing abnormal about her body and that, physically, she appeared to be a completely normal young woman. She was a practising Christian and a devoted mother.

January detox? Make sure you do it right

January 13, 2014
It's that time of the year again, time to reflect on our bodies and the damage we have inflicted on them over the Christmas period. Too much food, too much booze and too many nights out leave many of us feeling sluggish, gloomy and broke! So now seems like the perfect time to "take a month off" to "detox" our bodies. This means a month without alcohol and only eating healthy food. In fact, we recently wrote about the Dryathlon Campaign being run by Cancer Research UK. But is having a month off always the best thing for you? Whilst we agree that it is, it is important that it is done right.

Support Dryathlon this January

December 17, 2013
This January, Cancer Research UK is launching their Dryathlon campaign. They are challenging people across the country to give up alcohol for just one month. If you do then you will feel fitter, your head will be clearer and you will have more money. Their aim is to help beat cancer, as alcohol is a carcinogen, but giving up alcohol for one month can also have a massive positive effect on your mental health. If you suspect that you may be drinking too much, this could be the perfect opportunity to prove that you do not need a drink.

Man Killed by Pear Drink Laced with Cocaine

December 13, 2013
A tragic story emerged yesterday when a Royal Navy veteran died after he drank from a pear drink that contained large amounts of cocaine. Police confirmed that 33 year old Joromie Lewis immediately became ill when he drank a small amount of a Cole Cold Pear-D drink last Thursday. He was rushed to Southampton General Hospital where he died several hours later. This brand of drink is a genuine product and is manufactured in the Caribbean, but is not exported to the UK.

Cassiobury Court Mentioned in the Daily Mail

November 13, 2013
We are pleased that Cassiobury Court was recently mentioned in a article by the Daily Mail. In the article, the journalist documents several women who use alcohol to escape the stress and pressures of their modern busy working. These ladies end up being plunged into a world of alcohol addiction. Part of the article focused on one of our staff members; Ruti Ahronee.

Dealing with Addiction

September 3, 2013
There are many different types of addiction and they can affect everybody differently. The most common forms of addiction are associated with drugs, alcohol, nicotine and gambling, these all affect you physically and mentally.

Take Action - Tackle Stress

August 9, 2013
Stress affects everybody differently and we all feel it from time to time. Maybe you have too much on your mind or are dealing with a situation you have no control over, such as bereavement, illness or relationship problems. If you feel a lack of concentration, constant worrying, or are unable to sleep you may be suffering from stress.