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Damage of the War on Drugs

June 22, 2015
The 'War on Drugs' criminalises people suffering from drug addiction. In many countries throughout the world drug users are imprisoned and even executed. Governments prefer to imprison drug addicts rather than pay for their treatment. In this post we discuss the 'War on Drugs', its history, recent developments and the validity of this approach in reducing global drug use.

​Health Warnings on Alcoholic Drinks

September 4, 2014
At Cassiobury Court we are a residential rehabilitation centre offering services for addiction to alcohol in London and throughout the UK. So many people in the UK have a troubled relationship with alcohol and we always seem to fail to find the reason why.

​What is a Detox Clinic

August 13, 2014
Approximately 10 percent of the nation's population over the age of 12 requires treatment for illegal drug or alcohol abuse each year, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Misconceptions about Drug Rehab

April 28, 2014
When it comes to addiction treatment, a lot of what people know comes from the movies or media reports. There are many misconceptions and assumptions that put people off getting the essential care that they require. Media coverage of some celebrities who enter rehab programmes often give the wrong impression about the treatment they are receiving and also their motivations for joining the programme. Some people can interpret the media coverage to question the effectiveness or even the credibility of drug rehab programmes.

New resources section now live

March 25, 2014
At Cassiobury Court, our job is to help those who suffer from addiction. As an alcohol and drug rehab centre, we often receive calls from those who need help but are not ready for a residential rehabilitation programme. We want to help as many people as possible to overcome their addiction. Therefore, we decided to provide a resource to help people find the information that they need easily.