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NAD+ IV Therapy: Intravenous Therapy for Alcoholism and Drugs


What is NAD+ IV Therapy?

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NAD+ IV therapy offers intravenous therapy for alcoholism and drug abuse. This is the insertion of essential nutrients directly into the bloody stream (by way of injection) that has been scientifically proven to aid the recovery of alcoholism and drug addiction. Due to the damage that may have been caused to the brain during the period of addiction the brain stops producing the transmitters needed to ensure the body absorbs all of the nutrients it needs. As a result of this IV therapy is a good way of ensuring the body obtains all of the essential nutrients it needs to help it combat addiction. It is also used to help dramatically reduce the cravings and withdrawal symptoms felt by people who stop taking drugs and alcohol.


Benefits of IV Therapy

IV therapy for alcoholism and drugs ensures 100% of the nutrients your body needs are delivered directly into the blood stream. In bypassing the stomach the IV therapy is ensuring that none of the essential nutrients are missing from your body.  As the treatment is administered by a qualified nurse you know that it is safe and the nutrients are natural to the body so there is no risk to health. In addition to this, during the period of rehabilitation, the withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be dramatically reduced if the body is able to increase the neurotransmitters it needs. In treating the symptoms of withdrawal this helps prevent relapse and is known as an effective way to stay on the road to sobriety. The general health benefits of IV therapy are that they help to counteract the damage ravaged on the body and the brain during the period of drug and alcohol abuse.  The IV therapy poses no risk to the health of the patient.


How Does it Work?

Intravenous therapy (IV therapy) for alcoholism and drug abuse works because it resets the transmitters in the brain helping to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms experienced by people in rehabilitation. Our London based IV therapy centre nurse injects the therapy straight into a vein meaning the treatment is taken straight to the organs and tissues via the blood stream. The essential nutrients needed to aid recovery are put straight into the body and can have an immediate effect on the patient. IV Therapy Centres deliver the treatment alongside more traditional methods of rehabilitation including cognitive and behavioural therapy. It is widely thought of to be an essential part of the recovery process and is key in helping to combat the reasons a person may relapse.

Where is IV Therapy Provided?

We provide IV therapy for London and the entire UK here at Cassiobury Court, Watford. If you have any questions or you would like any advice please call us on 0800 500 3129 or to enquire about IV therapy for yourself, a friend or family member please call 01923 804 139. 

IV Treatment Package

Our 5-day rapid detox includes the following:

-  Pre-admission assessment
-  Psychiatric assessment
-  Medication
-  5 night’s accommodation
-  All meals
-  Daily programmes
-  Supervised by a nurse
-  Aftercare 12 months – 4-6 every Saturday

Now let's look at some video testimonials from the States

Below we include some NAD+ IV testimonials from treatment centres in the USA:

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