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Family Interventions

intervention for drug and alcohol detox

Before we can begin a drug or alcohol rehab programme for an addiction, the client has to be willing to receive the treatment. One of the best ways to do this is to hold a family intervention. If you have a loved one who you feel requires help, call us for assistance on 0800 500 3129.

Intervention is proven to be the most successful and loving way of getting your loved one or someone on the path to recovery. Through a properly orchestrated alcohol, drug or behavioural intervention, the individual is confronted with the reality of their problem and the impact it has on those around them.

Intervention is not an event. It is a structured process carried out by the “intervention team” – the concerned family members and friends or co-workers, and a professional interventionist. It begins with an assessment of the situation and providing education and guidance to those involved, and culminates in the intervention meeting. This is where the intervention team meet with the addicted individual to discuss their concerns and feelings. The ultimate aim of this meeting is to get the person to accept they need help and into the most appropriate form of treatment.

Seeing someone you love destroy themselves is painful and frustrating. But addiction is an illness, and most addicts don’t know how their behaviour is affecting themselves or those who love them. And family members and friends often don’t understand the illness. Relationships can break down and lives can be ruined. A professional intervention equips family and friends with the tools they need to support a loved-one, and is highly effective in setting the addict on the road to a healthy recovery.

Corporate Intervention

Knowing that a work colleague or an employee has a problem with addiction is a difficult situation. But it’s a situation that needs to be – and can be – dealt with. Addiction can result in absenteeism, low productivity and even industrial accidents. And just because an employee has an addiction, it doesn't mean he or she isn't valued or a friend. An intervention is an effective way to handle addiction in the workplace and is conducted discreetly and confidentially.

At Cassiobury Court, we have a team of highly skilled, professional interventionists who can motivate the individual towards recovery and provide you with all the support you need – at home or in the workplace.

For more information on interventions, call us now in confidence on 0800 500 3129

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