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How Much Alcohol Can I Responsibly Consume?


The big question on everyone’s lips is ‘how many units can I safely drink each day?’

And of course, the simple answer is … it depends!

The number of units you can safely consume on a daily or weekly basis depends on your sex, age and the type of alcoholic beverage you choose to consume.

Yes, you guessed it, men are able to consume slightly more units than their female counterparts as illustrated in the below chart.




One unit of alcohol consists of 10 millilitres (7.9 grams) of alcohol. For most drinks, this equates to about three units per drink.

Typical values per drink are given below:



Drinking and driving

The legal drink drive limit in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland is set at 35 micrograms per 100 ml of breath. Whether you’ve reached this limit or not depends on your weight, gender, age, metabolism and what you’ve eaten during the day. Such variables prevent us providing any hard and fast rules when it comes to avoiding a drink drive penalty, other than to say we would advise you do not drink at all if you plan on getting behind the wheel!

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