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Here at Cassiobury Court, we hear day-in-day-out common hearsay and myths surrounding the subject of alcohol and alcohol addiction. We wish to put some of these misconceptions to rest and educate our readers on the potential dangers alcohol can pose. Whatever your level of alcohol-related education, we hope all can pick up a few handy tidbits in what follows.

Alcohol: The Facts

This section of our Resources provides answers to common queries such as "what is an alcohol unit?" and "how much alcohol you can responsibly and safely consume".

Alcohol Addiction

This section of our Resources takes a look at important topics such as whether alcoholism can be considered a 'disease', the typical signs of alcohol addiction and symptoms one should be on the lookout for, and tips for going through withdrawal and typical symptoms associated with withdrawal. We conclude this section by examining whether a reformed alcoholic can drink in moderation without relapse.

Binge Drinking: The Facts

This section of our Resources takes a look into an ever common British problem of binge drinking. We shall dive into facts and statistics you really should know when it comes to this common social problem.

Alcohol Health Risks: The Facts

This section of our Resources takes a look into the potential damage alcohol can do to one's mind and body. We take a look at common diseases caused by excessive alcohol intake, such as Pancreatitis, Delirium Tremens, Korsatoffi Syndrome and of course liver disease.  We shall also look at how alcohol affects the blood.


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