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Cassiobury Court's Alcohol Addiction Questionnaire

Do you suspect you could harbor an addiction to alcohol? Take out the guesswork by filling in our alcohol addiction questionnaire.

Read each question slowly and answer each question as honestly as possible. Once you've completed all twenty questions you must hit the 'Submit' button to learn your score and the implications your score has.

The questionnaire is to be completed without the need to enter personally identifiable information so you can be assured your answers will be kept 100% anonymous.

The test shall take roughly five to ten minutes to complete.

Good luck!

Are you a daily drinker or a binge drinker?
Do you black out when drinking?
Are there physical consequences as a result of you're drinking?
Do you manipulate your friends, family and employers so you can drink?
Do you hide your drinking?
Are you dishonest about how much you drink?
Do you suffer from incontinence as a result of your drinking?
Have you been arrested as a result of drinking?
Have you self harmed due to low mood or sever anxiety brought on by your drinking?
Do you have panic attacks as a result of your drinking?
Do you eat poorly and have a poor diet due to lack of appetite which is due to your drinking?
Have you acted inappropriately when drinking?
Have you stolen money to fund you're habit?
Have you pawned any belongings to fund you're habit?
Do you drink and drive?
Is your head like a washing machine?
Do you drink to change you're perception of life?
Do you believe you're an alcoholic?
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