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Aftercare treatment following drug and alcohol rehabilitation

Upon the conclusion of residential rehabilitation treatment, it is not uncommon for our patients to find the prospect of returning to their everyday life a rather scary one. Some are upbeat and view the completion of their rehabilitation programme as a graduation ceremony. Whatever your stance you can be assured our ongoing aftercare plan will seek to ensure you do not relapse back into the addictive behaviour you have beaten.aftercare

What to expect upon conclusion of residential rehabilitation

Upon leaving our residential rehabilitation centre old temptations will likely kick in as you settle back into your normal life. In fact, our treatment regime following initial detoxification is designed to arm you the ability to tackle destructive temptations of this nature. Cassiobury Court will furthermore establish an extensive aftercare programme to ensure our patients remain on course to achieve a sober and drug-free future. Our personalised aftercare programme commences immediately upon the conclusion of your programme of residential rehabilitation treatment. The programme of aftercare continues into the first few critical months upon leaving our Centre when you are most at risk of relapsing back into addiction.


Our personalised aftercare plan will be designed in accordance with your unique set of circumstances and the challenges you will likely face upon your return to your everyday life. We believe the quality of your aftercare plan will have a direct impact on the long term success of your overall recovery plan.

A structured aftercare programme

Your aftercare plan which is drawn up will differ according to the following factors:

  • The nature of your addiction
  • The substance or behaviour you were addicted to
  • Your age
  • Your sex
  • Your profession
  • Your economic means
  • Your family situation
  • Your location
  • Your social life

Cassiobury Court will also ensure an aftercare support team is also put into place. This support team will consist of medical staff here at Cassiobury Court, lay volunteers (who often consist of past patients now in recovery) and peers who you meet during your stay at Cassiobury Court.

Your aftercare support team plays a vital role in your long term recovery plan and the team can provide essential support should you relapse back into your addiction.

Call us today on 0800 500 3129

Our aftercare plan can also provide essential reassurance to your family and even work colleagues who often experience turbulence and trauma as a result of your past addictive behaviour. If you would like to learn more about our rehabilitation programme and subsequent aftercare process here at Cassiobury Court call in complete confidence today on 0800 500 3129.

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