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Drug Rehabilitation at Cassiobury Court

We offer a residential rehabilitation service for addiction to drugs at Cassiobury Court, our premier London rehab centre. Our treatment programmes are run by professional medically trained staff to ensure a safe environment for our clients. Each of our programmes is tailored to the individual and our clients are assessed prior to admission to decide which treatment methods are most appropriate to their needs. Factors that influence the addiction treatment can include which type of drug they are taking, the severity of the addiction, the client's psychological condition and their own personality.

We understand what you're going through

All of our counsellors are highly qualified and respected in their field, with a particular focus put on empathy with the client. Many of our staff have suffered the illness of drug addiction themselves nad have personal experience of a drug rehabilitation programme. This helps them to identify what is needed for recovery and make a personal connection with the client. This also helps them to deal with many of the misconceptions in the community about how treatment for addiction should work. At Cassiobury Court, we understand that there are many factors that can lead to addiction and relapse which have to be taken into account in order for the rehabilitation programme to be effective.

The first method of treatment is detox, where the body is rid of all trace of the drug. This is best performed in a safe environment whilst being observed by our medical staff. Prescription medication may also be required at this stage of treatment. Once the body is clean of the drug, the next stage of drug rehabilitation is therapy. this is absolutely integral to ensure that the client remains cleans beyond the end of treatment. This can be in the form of group sessions or one to one with one of our counselling staff. Because long-term recovery is ultimately in the hands of the addict, therapy is important to get to the root cause of the addiction and identify what may trigger using drugs. 

For more information on the treatment methods in our drug rehabilitation programmes, visit our TREATMENTS page.

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