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Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

The programme of residential alcohol rehabilitation offered at Cassiobury Court is intended to put patients on the path towards long term recovery. If left unchecked you or your loved one’s alcohol addiction could lead to long term health problems including liver diseaseand even death. Your decision to attend our programme of residential rehabilitation may be the most important decision you make this year. Rehabilitation may save your relationship, your job and your life.

Abstinence based alcohol rehabilitation

Our alcohol rehabilitation programme is primarily an abstinence based programme. The initial alcohol detox programme we offer aims to eradicate the alcohol from your body. You will be put under 24 hour observation where medical staff can monitor your progress. If you are deemed a ‘chronic alcoholic’ our medical staff will be on the lookout for serious physical illnesses associated with withdrawal such as delerium tremens.

What happens after initial detoxification?

Following the initial detox phase our rehabilitation programmetakes on a more mental dimension in the form of various therapies. The programme will address mental problems which arise by virtue of your addiction and from the subsequent detoxification process. Many of our patients suffer from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety as a result of their addiction. We employ a range of psychiatrists and psychologists who are on hand to help you through these issues.

Group and individual therapy

Group and Individual Therapy sessions will be offered to patients following the initial detoxification phase. These important therapies are used in order to build new positive mind-sets which are indicative to a long and lasting recovery.

Individual therapy is employed where patients attend one-on-one sessions with a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist. Sessions are intense and allow the therapist to focus in on the person’s underlying mental state.

Group therapy sessions are conducted in groups of 5-10 people. Group Therapy is noted for its excellence when it comes to alcohol addiction as this form of therapy allows addicts a platform in which to open up about their experiences with addiction in a group environment. Group and Individual Therapy work in tandem to one another to ensure patients can learn from others whilst still receiving more focused therapy.

Discharge planning for long term recovery

When the time comes to leave our facility a well thought-out discharge plan will be put in place by way of an aftercare plan. The aftercare you receive will ensure the risk of relapse is kept to a minimum. We ensure our patients receive the support needed for a long and lasting recovery. We recognise recovery is a lifelong process.

How long will my treatment last for?

The duration of alcohol addiction rehabilitation varies and the duration is typically dictated by the severity of the patient’s addiction. You are able to attend our programme typically between 9 and 90 days. The more chronic the alcohol addiction, the longer the recommended stay will be.

The importance of initial assessment

Our programme kicks off with a thorough psychological assessment which has reference to the patient’s age, gender, socio-economic and demographic status. The assessment will also explore patients’ medical and addiction history as well as the patient’s family and social life. Information obtained during initial assessment will be utilised throughout the rehabilitation process. Cassiobury Court offers up a fully personalised rehabilitation programme for each patient who passes through our programme.

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