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Alcohol Addiction

In this section, will explore the topic of alcohol addiction. You may have taken your drinking too far and found you’re in state of helplessness. You could be a heavy drinker and you’re not sure if you’re an ‘alcoholic’ or not. The term is likely a ‘label’ you do not want to embrace, and more importantly one you do not want to identify with.  Learning about how we classify this ‘behavioural disorder’ (sorry, another ‘label’ you may want to avoid) shall be the first step to recovery. Educating our clients is a top priority in our humble opinion.

Once you have read the sections below you may be ready to call Cassiobury Court to start your journey into sobriety.

Here we explore the typical signs and symptoms associated with alcohol addiction along with withdrawal symptoms and some tips for surviving the withdrawal process.  We additionally explore the concept of 'alcoholism as disease' theory and whether an alcoholic can permissibly drink in moderation.

The truth is most people find it difficult to determine whether they’ve crossed the potentially deadly line into addiction territory. Drinkers tend to genuinely like drinking alcohol, and have fond memories around the bottle. In many cases, denial is the first hurdle that needs overcoming to get on the road to recovery, which we shall explore fully below.

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